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  1. Steve Ace's Trip to Chesil Beach with Friends.

    Steve Ace's Trip to Chesil Beach with Friends.

    A bright and breezy day on Chesil with pals Dudders, Matt and Chunk was always going to be entertaining… with a few fish thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, the lads were too shy to pose for photos due to the size of fish. Also scarpering off the beach under the cover of darkness without coughing up their fivers. A career in the SAS would be more suitable for Mr. Duddridge and co. The fishing itself was on off all day with bream in the 10oz to 1lb bracket. However a decent one of 2lb 2oz and a 5lb 4oz cod gave weight to my fish bag unlike my wallet

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  2. Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Over the years I have tied literally hundreds of Rigs for fishing with Dead baits. I tie all my rigs in the exact same way except for the distance I put between the two hooks and the distance depends on what baits I will be using. For example, if I’m using a smaller Dead bait such as a sprat I would keep the distance between the hooks small, but if I was using a larger Dead bait I would have the hooks further apart.

    When I tie my Rigs, I like to use the Drennan E-SOX 7 Strand 28lb Pike Wire as its never let me down, my preferred hooks are Owner Stinger Treble Hooks and I will crush 2 of the barbs

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  3. Darren Canning & Martin Potter Visit a Different Stretch of the River Wye

    Darren Canning & Martin Potter Visit a Different Stretch of the River Wye

    On Wednesday morning after a lovely fry up in our local Wetherspoons we decided to take a trip over to a new stretch of the wye we hadn't fished before just outside Ross on Wye.

    On arriving at the river at about midday we found it three feet up and coloured so we decided to have a walk along the bank to see if we could find a suitable swim. I found a nice spot with Slack water on the inside so I decided to set up a groundbait feeder with three small 6mm pellets wrapped in paste on a 3ft hook length with a size 6 wide gape Hook. I cast this to where the slack water met the flow of the river and sat back and waited. It wasn’t long before I had my first bite which resulted in a nice Barbel of about 5lbs. After returning it to the river I cast back to the same spot which resulted in another fish of about the same weight.

    Another cast into the same spot resulted in a lovely chub of about 5lbs didn’t get any photos of that as it was absolutely pouring down (I k

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  4. Veals Regular, Darren Canning Visits The River Wye

    Veals Regular, Darren Canning Visits The River Wye

    We set out from Bristol at 5.30am arriving at the river at about 6.45am to be greeted by a low river, cloudy skies and light drizzle. After debating the best spot to try we opted for a swim upstream about half way along the stretch where the river runs over shallow water into a deeper section near some bridge stanchion.

     Now to the setting up, I thought I'd treat myself to a new rod a couple of weeks previous. A Drennan Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel 12ft 1.75lb, this is a superb rod with matt black finish and cork handle with a semi through action and great looks and is capable of casting a 3oz loaded groundbait feeder to the far bank with ease, taming the hard fighting Barbel for which the Wye is renowned for. So, if you’re thinking of t

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  5. Ashley Janes Takes His Children To Lower Kilcott Farm Fishery

    Ashley Janes Takes His Children To Lower Kilcott Farm Fishery

    After seeing a recent Facebook post featuring Gary Elcox from Veals Fishing Tackle with his kids bagging up at a little-known fishery Lower Kilcott Farm, Veals Regular Ashley Janes decided to pay a visit with his children and float fish with banded pellet.

    Between them they managed to land between 30 – 40 carp, weighing between 1 – 3lb.

    This small venue is stuffed full of small carp and decent roach too, that are easy to catch on a veriety of methods, making this the perfect venue to introduce kids of all ages to fishing or just to spend a few hours having fun.

    Tackle used:

    Drennan Carp Bandits – Hooks to Nylon with Bait Bands

    Dynamite Swim Stim Sinking Carp Pellets

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  6. Steve Ace's Trip To Chesil Beach

    Steve Ace's Trip To Chesil Beach

    With summer back a trip south beckoned. An early start soon went pear-shaped though and I arrived 3hrs later than planned due to traffic issues. Undeterred and no less enthused I yomped up over Chesil, met with glinting sea and blue skies. I quickly prepped and belted baits out. With less than a minute passed fish on!  A chunky 1lb 8oz bream soon found a home in my cool box. The next 3hrs or so were nothing short of a fish frenzy. With stacks of bream. 5 triggerfish to 2lb 7oz, loads of mackerel and a couple of bonus red mullet, rounding off a semi tropical day.

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  7. Rod Review – FishZone Alantix Species 4200

    Rod Review – FishZone Alantix Species 4200

    As junior anglers progress in fishing some parents out there will be looking for a new rod for their son or daughter. Often price can be an issue with a serious question of commitment by their child, along with finding the right tool for the job. The FishZone Alantix offers both value for money and a suitable tool for anglers in their younger years.

    Recently ten year old Jack Reynolds started using the Alantix, he has since improved his casting range, along with catch rates thanks to the better bite indication in the tips of this model. Both the length and action of this rod has allowed Jack to pick up his lead quicker and power in the bottom half has increased his distance. This model boasts two changeable tip sections, both offering super bite indication when fishing for the smaller species on the beach. It’s a steal at around £80 RRP, you really are getting a lot of rod for your money.

    This rod would not be suitable for rockier terrain and in our opini

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  8. Choosing The Correct Rod & Reel

    Choosing The Correct Rod & Reel


    When choosing which carp rod to buy, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly you need to be aware of your budget, also what you are going to be asking it to achieve? In other words, are you looking for an all-round rod, or an out and out long distance rod?

    Then you should consider what type of reel is to go on the rod.

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  9. Chew Valley Reservoir Trip

    Chew Valley Reservoir Trip

    Veals carp man Paul, had a last-minute invite to fish pike mecca Chew Valley Reservoir last week.

    Along with boat partner Terry Weaden, the duo decided to fish similar areas that had produced a good number of fish for them the previous year. It was decided to focus on shallower, reedy areas of the 1,200-acre lake, as the pike should be moving into these areas in numbers, pre-spawning.

    The pair had action in 2 of the 3 areas they fished, boating 6 fish in total, plus a similar amount bumped off on lures.

    Pictured are the boys best fish of the day, Terry with an 18lb fish, and Paul with a new personal best @ 22lb. Both fish were caught on legered mackerel, fished at short range.

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  10. Veals MD Jon Sailsbury's Trip to the River Wye

    Veals MD Jon Sailsbury's Trip to the River Wye

    A traditional few days off at the end of the river season produced a nice mixed bag of fish for Veals Fishing Tackle’s MD Jon Salisbury and fishing partner Ian Hussy.

    Fishing a stretch of the River Wye near Ross the pair arrived to find the river carrying 3ft of warm coloured water so set their stall out for Barbel. Over the course of a few days using leger and feeder tactics the pair banked 10 Barbel to around 8lb + and a dozen or so Chub to about 4lb with maggot and pellet doing the business.

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