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  1. The Veals Winter Open

    The Veals Winter Open

    The Veals Winter Open

    50 competitors took part in near perfect conditions. With some good bags of codling taken in recent days expectations had risen somewhat. The fish however failed to show throughout the venue.

    Jason Brown was the only angler to register 2 sizable codling, with only 5 others recorded. On the plus side some nice flounder showed the best falling to flattie specialist Kev Daley of 1lb 6oz.  Results overall in 3rd place Shaun Tromans with 1 codling and a large silver eel for 3lb 11oz receiving £40.  2nd place was the all England tripod casting champion Mini Hawkins with a splendid bag of 5 flounder for 4lb 2oz. Winning £90.  1st on the night was Tonto who left it till the dying seconds of the match proving it’s not over till the whistle blows landing this nice bass of 4lb 2oz plus some bits totaling 4lb 8oz, winning £138 and a Zziplex Evo GT Blank. Well done lads.

    A zone - 1st Jason Brown 2lb 5 ¾

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  2. Veals Regular Tim Jones Catches Beautiful Pike on The Lower River Avon

    Veals Regular Tim Jones Catches Beautiful Pike on The Lower River Avon

    Congratulations to Veals Fishing Tackle regular Tim Jones on his capture of this beautifully marked Pike weighing in at 15lb 3oz on his first trip to the lower River Avon. Tim used Float Fishing Tactics with a Deadbait to catch this stunning fish.

    Well done Tim!

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  3. Andrew Fryer's Hunstrete Accident.

    Andrew Fryer's Hunstrete Accident.

    During our recent run of bad windy weather, Veals regular Andrew Fryer fell victim to a tree falling on him during a visit to Hunstrete Lake on the Bathampton Complex. It was Tuesday 12th September, he was set up fishing in peg 7 and it was a particularly windy afternoon.

    It was approximately 8.15pm and Andrew was crouched down just in the doorway to his Bivvy when the top of an old tree came crashing down directly on top of the Bivvy, Luckily Andrew wasn’t fully inside the Bivvy as the could have been a completely different story. Unluckily for andrew enough of the tree caught him to cause significant injury, he suffered damage to his ribs, spine and spleen.

    We at Veals Fishing Tackle heard of Andrew’s unfortunate accident we thought we would try to help. We contacted our Trakker, Aqua & Cygent representative Chris Holmes and explained the situation to him and we asked if Trakker would be kind enough to help to which Chris replied, “

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  4. Steve Ace & Matt Chappell's Visit to Porlock Bay.

    Steve Ace & Matt Chappell's Visit to Porlock Bay.

    You can’t beat a good churn up. After a couple of really decent storms Porlock Bay has coloured nicely, and having some timely holidays things fell nicely into place for a midweek trip with pal mat chapel. A selection of Sandeels, Mackerel and Squid buzzed as far as possible on beefed up pulley rigs was the order of the day.

    With the near perfect chocolate coloured water a few Conger were sure to figure in today’s catch! A 4am start fuelled with plenty of coffee and promise of a hatful of fish were soon underway. A steady stream of conger to 15lb interspersed with the ever-present dogs kept us busy for a couple of hours gorging all baits offered. Half tide up things got more interesting with the welcome addition of Huss, this was one of the target fish for mat hoping to up his PB. With 3 Huss landed mat finally got his wish with a nicely marked fish of just under 10lb.

    The day ending on a bonus late Smooth-Hound of 10lb for yours

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  5. Steve Ace's Knock-up Match At Littleton-upon-Severn

    Steve Ace's Knock-up Match At Littleton-upon-Severn

    Bit of a laugh. Spur of the moment chilli loaf trophy sponsored by Tony Irwin. Decent angler and a master baiter......  baker! 14 hardened crusty anglers braved the elements, which to be fair improved quickly as soon as the sun came up.  Fishing was reasonable with seven codlings landed in total, supplemented with a few flatties and whiting. 1st on the day Brogan Bayford with 2 codlings and a flounder for 4lb 4oz. 2nd Andy Madsen with a codling Flounder and a couple of Whiting for 3lb 11oz. 3rd was Gandalf Nigel Ainscough with a codling and couple of flats for 2lb 14oz. Well done guys was a nice morning.

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  6. Steve Ace's Trip to Chesil Beach with Friends.

    Steve Ace's Trip to Chesil Beach with Friends.

    A bright and breezy day on Chesil with pals Dudders, Matt and Chunk was always going to be entertaining… with a few fish thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, the lads were too shy to pose for photos due to the size of fish. Also scarpering off the beach under the cover of darkness without coughing up their fivers. A career in the SAS would be more suitable for Mr. Duddridge and co. The fishing itself was on off all day with bream in the 10oz to 1lb bracket. However a decent one of 2lb 2oz and a 5lb 4oz cod gave weight to my fish bag unlike my wallet

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  7. Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Guide to Tying Pike Dead Bait Rigs

    Over the years I have tied literally hundreds of Rigs for fishing with Dead baits. I tie all my rigs in the exact same way except for the distance I put between the two hooks and the distance depends on what baits I will be using. For example, if I’m using a smaller Dead bait such as a sprat I would keep the distance between the hooks small, but if I was using a larger Dead bait I would have the hooks further apart.

    When I tie my Rigs, I like to use the Drennan E-SOX 7 Strand 28lb Pike Wire as its never let me down, my preferred hooks are Owner Stinger Treble Hooks and I will crush 2 of the barbs

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  8. Darren Canning & Martin Potter Visit a Different Stretch of the River Wye

    Darren Canning & Martin Potter Visit a Different Stretch of the River Wye

    On Wednesday morning after a lovely fry up in our local Wetherspoons we decided to take a trip over to a new stretch of the wye we hadn't fished before just outside Ross on Wye.

    On arriving at the river at about midday we found it three feet up and coloured so we decided to have a walk along the bank to see if we could find a suitable swim. I found a nice spot with Slack water on the inside so I decided to set up a groundbait feeder with three small 6mm pellets wrapped in paste on a 3ft hook length with a size 6 wide gape Hook. I cast this to where the slack water met the flow of the river and sat back and waited. It wasn’t long before I had my first bite which resulted in a nice Barbel of about 5lbs. After returning it to the river I cast back to the same spot which resulted in another fish of about the same weight.

    Another cast into the same spot resulted in a lovely chub of about 5lbs didn’t get any photos of that as it was absolutely pouring down (I k

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  9. Veals Regular, Darren Canning Visits The River Wye

    Veals Regular, Darren Canning Visits The River Wye

    We set out from Bristol at 5.30am arriving at the river at about 6.45am to be greeted by a low river, cloudy skies and light drizzle. After debating the best spot to try we opted for a swim upstream about half way along the stretch where the river runs over shallow water into a deeper section near some bridge stanchion.

     Now to the setting up, I thought I'd treat myself to a new rod a couple of weeks previous. A Drennan Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel 12ft 1.75lb, this is a superb rod with matt black finish and cork handle with a semi through action and great looks and is capable of casting a 3oz loaded groundbait feeder to the far bank with ease, taming the hard fighting Barbel for which the Wye is renowned for. So, if you’re thinking of t

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  10. Ashley Janes Takes His Children To Lower Kilcott Farm Fishery

    Ashley Janes Takes His Children To Lower Kilcott Farm Fishery

    After seeing a recent Facebook post featuring Gary Elcox from Veals Fishing Tackle with his kids bagging up at a little-known fishery Lower Kilcott Farm, Veals Regular Ashley Janes decided to pay a visit with his children and float fish with banded pellet.

    Between them they managed to land between 30 – 40 carp, weighing between 1 – 3lb.

    This small venue is stuffed full of small carp and decent roach too, that are easy to catch on a veriety of methods, making this the perfect venue to introduce kids of all ages to fishing or just to spend a few hours having fun.

    Tackle used:

    Drennan Carp Bandits – Hooks to Nylon with Bait Bands

    Dynamite Swim Stim Sinking Carp Pellets

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