1. Choosing The Correct Rod & Reel

    Choosing The Correct Rod & Reel


    When choosing which carp rod to buy, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly you need to be aware of your budget, also what you are going to be asking it to achieve? In other words, are you looking for an all-round rod, or an out and out long distance rod?

    Then you should consider what type of reel is to go on the rod.

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  2. Chew Valley Reservoir Trip

    Chew Valley Reservoir Trip

    Veals carp man Paul, had a last-minute invite to fish pike mecca Chew Valley Reservoir last week.

    Along with boat partner Terry Weaden, the duo decided to fish similar areas that had produced a good number of fish for them the previous year. It was decided to focus on shallower, reedy areas of the 1,200-acre lake, as the pike should be moving into these areas in numbers, pre-spawning.

    The pair had action in 2 of the 3 areas they fished, boating 6 fish in total, plus a similar amount bumped off on lures.

    Pictured are the boys best fish of the day, Terry with an 18lb fish, and Paul with a new personal best @ 22lb. Both fish were caught on legered mackerel, fished at short range.

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  3. Veals MD Jon Sailsbury's Trip to the River Wye

    Veals MD Jon Sailsbury's Trip to the River Wye

    A traditional few days off at the end of the river season produced a nice mixed bag of fish for Veals Fishing Tackle’s MD Jon Salisbury and fishing partner Ian Hussy.

    Fishing a stretch of the River Wye near Ross the pair arrived to find the river carrying 3ft of warm coloured water so set their stall out for Barbel. Over the course of a few days using leger and feeder tactics the pair banked 10 Barbel to around 8lb + and a dozen or so Chub to about 4lb with maggot and pellet doing the business.

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  4. Clifford Baker's Trip to Yateley

    Arriving at Yateley’s Sandhurst a few hours before the draw for the British carp cup southwest first qualifier we went about scouting the water. With only a couple of anglers fishing the night before there wasn't much to go on. Me and Pete stumbled across the last angler on the lake in second pipes swim. We were greeted with a sling floating in the margin. Hanging around while the cameras where set we were blown away when the angler lifted a stunning 44lbs common up out of the sling for the cameras! After the excitement settled and a few handshakes where exchanged we found out a couple of other fish where banked alongside this common on his session. With no other fish coming out from around the lake and no other anglers entering the competition on the lake yet we decided to keep the capture quiet and prayed for an early draw. As luck would have it mine and peters name came out third on the draw. With neither of the other two pairs selecting second pipes it was safe to say where we were heading. Finding spots at 50 yards with the marker between some scattered weed left of the swim where I'd seen fish showing just off the back was my starting point. Two rods on the spot and a scattering of bait I was confident going into the first night.

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  5. Kellie and Deans France Trip

    Kellie and Deans France Trip

    Veals Regulars Kellie & Dean recently went on a trip to a place called Bills Lake 1 in France. However when they got there the lake was flooded and only three swims were able to be fished, so you can understand the difficulty and as Bill said it was the harder lake out the 3 and now with different conditions they were being pushed to their limits and it was clearly going to be a big challenge.

    As you can imagine their spirits were beginning to slowly dampen but they didn't give up! A range of bait were but caught all their fish on Krill boilies that that were recommend by Veals, along with bills lake pop ups.

    The first 4 days were quiet but then day 5 came around and the rod screamed off! They had a 31.7 common carp in the net after the fight it put up, then that sparked something and they began to see fish jumping, and had another four takes, managing to net another 3! These were three mirrors one being a 27 a 28 and a 39!!!! Although this one they had to jump i

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  6. Tony Rixon's Tackle Advice

    Tony Rixon's Tackle Advice

    It's that time of year again when mugging fish off the top, fishing shallow and margin or island shelves are the way to go.

    Good floats for this type of fishing can be, left to right, j range j13a, in the middle is the Drennan as4 which is a good margin island shelf float, as is the new Drennan Crystal margin floats, all floats available in sizes from .1g upwards to over .5g, so more than enough sizes to cover most shallow and margin fishing.

    Line wise the Shimano aspire silk shock line makes an ideal rig or hooklenth line as its quite accurately Mic,d and very durable.

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  7. Littleton Evening Session

    A now regular visitor to Veals, Mark Watts expressed an interest in participating in our most prestigious sea league. I thought with a short evening session to Littleton in the offing I extended an invitation with the view to offering a few useful pointers to our Littleton Virgin. A quick learner he soon had a flounder to the bank. A couple of hours later we had shared 7 codling, several eels and flounder, 5 of the codling making the legal size of 35 cm.

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  8. Lydes Farm

    Attention Coarse Anglers!

    Lydes Farm, which is probably the least known about of the three Bathampton day ticket lakes, has been fishing well of late, with decent nets of silverfish being taken on the short pole. There have been rudd and roach going 2 or 3 to the pound making it easy to build decent weights.

    There are also carp to low double figures being taken on surface baits and shallow pellet tactics with catches of a dozen fish or more not uncommon. All this coupled with picturesque surroundings make it well worth a visit this spring/summer.

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  9. Carp Fishing Rigs Guide

    Like most aspects of fishing, carp fishing rigs are one of those things that we the angler tend to overcomplicate! If you think about it, the fish haven't changed, so do we really need fancy rigs? I would suggest that two or three rigs will cover most of your carp fishing (excluding surface and zigs). A good reliable bottom bait rig and a pop up rig should stand you in good stead. I tend to use a bottom bait for a fair bit of my fishing and stick to the same rig summer and winter alike. My rigs, like many have a kicker on them to help the hook to flip, once the hookbait has entered the fishes mouth. My confidence in this sort of rig is good so I know that there is no need to change it. When I do use pop up's I use a wide gape hook and quite a short hooklink. Again I am confident in the rigs that I tie, so I won’t be changing them. Here's something to think about, before you cast your wonder rig into the wet stuff, consider the circumstance that you are fishing. Things like, ho

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  10. Beginners Coarse Gear

    If you are looking to help your child to start fishing but are unsure of what tackle to get them, then look no further than the Club Korum starter kits which come in several different options and contain everything you need to get your child up and away fishing, including a DVD and booklet which gives you all the information you need to use the kit to its maximum potential. These kits offer fantastic value for money and are ideal for kids and adult beginners alike. The three options available are:

    1)  Float Fishing Kit which contains a 10ft float rod with a 3000 size reel pre-loaded with line, a carry bag, tackle box and all the accessories you need to start fishing.

    2)  Feeder Fishing Kit which contains a 10ft feeder rod with a 3000 size rear drag reel ready loaded with line, carry bag, tackle box plus al

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