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  1. Veals MD Jon Salisbury’s Trip to France

    Veals MD Jon Salisbury’s Trip to France

    Veals MD Jon Salisbury’s Trip to France.



    A week’s carp fishing in France for Veals Fishing Tackle MD Jon Salisbury, joined by long term friend and customer Paul Filer produced approximately 40 Carp. These nicely marked fish, a mixture of mirrors and commons were all in good condition and ranged from big doubles up to 48lb with the average size being 30lb+.

    The pair arrived on the Saturday and with Paul having fished the venue before recommended boating hook baits and free offerings out to the far bank and features, it didn’t take long for this “runs water” to produce the goods.

    After a couple of days of using the bait boats and bite alarms the pair changed swims and opted for more traditional methods. They experienced some explosive action, catching fish to mid 30lb Float Fishing sweetcorn in the margins.

    This is a well-run and well-maintained fishery with the options of bivv

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  2. Veals Staff Memebr Dave England Fishes The BRFFA Veals Spring Cup

    Veals Staff Memebr Dave England Fishes The BRFFA Veals Spring Cup

    BRFFA Veals Spring Cup


    We arrived at Woodford Lodge at 8.30am, while sat eating our breakfast I got talking to some of the lads who were expecting a tough day due to bright sunshine and little to no wind.  My boat partner for the day was John Humphrey, John and myself started fishing together in our mid-twenties and we learnt to boat fish simply by trial and error and speaking with other boat anglers, we always had great fun. John had fished the day before and caught 6 fish in very similar conditions.

    We set up in the car park with full sinking lines and 3 heavy buzzers, we set off from the Jetty at 10am and headed for Wick which is where John was successful the day before. On our first drift John missed one followed by myself hooking one but unfortunately losing it. On our next drift both myself and John caught at the same time, but then things went quiet. By now a few more boats were around.

    We decided to go to the back

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  3. Steve Ace's April Norway Trip

    Steve Ace's April Norway Trip

    Spring here ha! My April Norway trip at least I don't have to acclimatise. Well the fishing has been rock-hard. Small Coalies, small Haddock and one Cod albeit it was 28lb. My fishing buddy this trip is Mini Hawkins who enjoyed our last jolly. Day 3 tomorrow and a possible Plaice hunt in the offing. Fingers crossed we won’t have any more of the white stuff.

    With several very hard days compounded by heavy snow. We woke to brilliant sunshine and a fair bit warmer. With spirits high and a hankering this was going be the day of our holiday we set off with a spring in our step. Tactics today were to be both our favourite form of catching cod, on the lures. Armed with 120gram lure rods we set about them. The next 90mins were some of the most exciting shad fishing we have had. The lures must have been hitting them on the tops of their head on the way down, a huge biomass of green backs was in serious attack mode. The first seven casts resulting in seven fish in the 7lb t

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  4. Plaice Fishing Advice From Steve Ace

    Plaice Fishing Advice From Steve Ace

    Plaice Fishing Advice From Steve Ace

    Now heading towards Easter and the last of the winter weather behind us (hopefully). Thoughts turn to our spring summer species, one of which my favourite the plaice. Successful pursuit of this tastiest of flatties does however require the right weather and water conditions. A spell of settled conditions and bright sunshine the best ingredients for success.

    Venues to try around Devon, Dorset and South Hampshire. The big favourite Chesil encompassing Burton Bradstock, Cogden, Bexington, and Abbotsbury. Plaice will show further east towards the ferry bridge end but more consistently later in the summer. Other beaches of note include nearby Seatown, Branscome, Seaton, Budleigh, Slapton, Beesands, and East Portlemouth. All of which can produce great bags when on song. Just keep your ear to the ground. Size of tides can be an issue, but much depends on the venue. Personally, I feel water clarity is the overriding factor. Regards bait

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  5. Steve Ace's Review of the Vass 350 Winter Clothing

    Steve Ace's Review of the Vass 350 Winter Clothing

    Back in February it was time for our much-anticipated trip to Saltstraumen, Norway. Bear in mind time of year, I thought it was time for a new set of thermal waterproofs. Rain, sleet, and snow with numbing wind chill will definitely come to bare, often making it an endurance challenge. Ultimately staying dry was the first criteria and having worn a multitude of all singing all dancing so called 100% waterproofs I have come to the conclusion sometimes you can't beat a bit of plastic or PVC. Joking aside after a couple of years wearing the standard 350 Vass Bib ‘n’ Braces and smock I was more than curious to test the new winter quilted versions in the arctic circle, a true test given the extremes previously experienced. Having now just finished of what I would call hard-core fishing enduring all manner of arctic extremes, the fully winterized clothing never once let water in, or left me cold. A couple of sensible base layers and hoody and I was toasty. Regards the cut, was

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  6. Judith & James Rixon's Dropshotting & Lure Fishing Trip

    Judith & James Rixon's Dropshotting & Lure Fishing Trip


    With Tony Rixon now working Saturdays and having matches booked most Sundays the opportunity to go fishing is limited until the evenings begin to open up. So, when Son number 2 asked if I would like to go to Shearwater Lake with him for a bit of drop shotting and lure fishing for Perch, I jumped at it.

    So, after a nice breakfast at Mario’s in Stockwood a 4.5 because my toast was over cooked, it was off to Shearwater Lake.

    It was a damp grey and drizzly day, so the lake didn’t look as pretty as I remember it. We found a spot on the dam wall and I started off with maggots, still not sure how they ended up in my purse!  James on worm, well not a lot to say really, no bites nothing but we did manage to lose more weights and hooks than the whole of last year.

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  7. Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 4

    Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 4

    Day 4

    Wow is the only word to describe a hectic 4-hour session. A return to the scene of last night's catches proved to be the right choice. It all started with the shads, Gary and I love the lure fishing and couldn't wait to buzz are shads out. Rhubarb and custard proving to be the killer. First 3 casts resulting in a 7lb, 17lb, and a 27lb to my rod. Dream fishing as Wilson would say. Mini and Gary launched some Blueys out which were just as readily snaffled. Cod in the 4 to 8lb obliging every cast. A brief lull a cup of char and back in. Gar was next in with a fit 17 pounder. I then followed with feisty 20 pounder which punched well above its weight.  No sooner had we unhooked and returned that fish Gary’s rod arched, and his reel started to play our favorite tune! 5 mins later we were gazing in admiration at Gary’s 21lb 6oz Coalie, what a smasher! The mayhem continued, and I latched into my 3rd 20lb plus fish of the session a hard fighting 31lb cod which

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  8. Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 3

    Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 3

    Day 3

    Awoke to bright sunshine and 10 degrees not! -8 loads of the white stuff. Rock ledge on the open coast today was preferred as the wind had dropped nicely. Blueys were the bait today with the occasional black lug whipped in. Fishing kicked off nicely with a low double figure cod for Gary.  Coalies that were previously absent also showed with increasing regularity up to 4lb. Next up was yours truly with a double halibut, then mini Hawkins started to play with his first halibut, although small one he can now tick off, Fishing continued in a rich vein with haddock and Coalies for next hour. A loud shout from Mini with a hint of urgency saw both gar and me scampering to the excited Hawkins. An alarming curve in his Zziplex M4 GT signaled a decent kipper had fancied his bluey offering. A testing 5 mins with fish grounding in eventually saw mini win the battle with his PB cod of 27lb. The day finished nicely with the northern lights.

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  9. Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 2

    Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 2

    Good morning ice station zebra.

    No respite from the cold -12 plus wind, you earn every fish you catch with these Baltic conditions. Anyway, enough of my bleating, a good ‘brekki’ and we were good to go. With a desire to fish a certain mark and the forecast to remain with the easterly, we thought we may as well go for it today rather than wait. Pitched up and baits cast we sat for 1 hour without a bait, we were getting worried. Then whilst chewing the fat with Gary and Mini Hawkins I noticed Gary’s line drop slack. Gary loaded the rod and set good the hook. Having lost a couple of big fish on past trips through no fault of his own we crossed fingers and watched Gary battle this very big fish for the next five minutes. Now within 15 yds of the ledge we were perched on, the fish made a deep powerful lunge which unfortunately steered Gary’s rig body and set free the beast. The Norsk gods are still not playing ball for poor Gar. We have decided a small sac

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  10. Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 1

    Steve Ace's Trip to Norway 2018 - Day 1

    Day 1

    Oh my days it's cold! -11 degrees with 40kmh winds = -20 degrees, we were equipped with full body armour and some! We set our stall out on one of our most productive rock marks. 4 hours in a distinct lack of bites and general fishy activity prompted a move. Yes, a full English soon followed which hit the spot nicely. Batteries recharged we decided on a short session on the pier near apartment using the shads and spinning rods. As we rocked up several lights greeted us the Geordie boys had the jump on us and pipped us to the pier.  A suggestion of whisky was made by one or all of us simultaneously which seemed like a plan. A couple of chucks first to use up thawed bluey before they refreeze on the pontoon in front of apartment. A good start from Mini Hawkins with a couple of cod around 5lb lifted spirits after a bite-less first half. An hour in, I was next! This was no tap a strong continuous lunge indicates a proper un! Clicking the ratchet off I lifted into solid

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