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Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle and Accessories. Everything you need from Hooks and Rig Making Equipment to Markers, Tools and Floater Fishing Kit. If you can't find what you're looking for please let us know.

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  1. Aqua 50mm Rod Ring Protectors

    These neoprene ring protectors cover the 50mm butt rings and help prevent damage in transit.

  2. Aqua Black Series Large Bits Bag

    A large, padded and soft-lined accessories pouch that will accommodate a whole host of items or can even be used as a tackle box. 90mm (h) x 160mm (d) x 260mm (w)
  3. Aqua Black Series Medium Bitz Bag

    A medium, padded and soft-lined accessory pouch. Ideal for spods, marker floats, spare spools and larger or longer items.

  4. Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar - Special Offer

    The Deeper PRO+ is the most powerful castable sonar available – it casts further and scans deeper than any other. With its wide range of settings and modes, it’s

    Was £209.99 Now £199.99
  5. Enterprise Zig Rig Surface Baits - Mixed

    Super soft buoyant imitation bait specially designed for zig rigs and surface fishing.Frank Warwick says: “These ultra buoyant hookbaits are specifically designed to lift long hooklengths associated
  6. ESP Adjustable Lead Clip Kits

     ESP Adjustable Lead Clip Kits can be finished unaltered to hold the lead securely in place or modified for quick, easy release of the lead in weedy/snaggy areas. The more you cut back the arm the easier
  7. ESP Adjustable Lead Clips

    ESP Adjustable Lead Clips are truly versatile and can be used with heavy leads and P.V.A Bags for distance casting without risk of the lead ejecting on impact- Alternatively the lead retaining arm can
  8. ESP Anchor Braid

    A special combination of woven heavyweight and Dyneema fibres make the ESP Anchor Braid incredibly dense - the heaviest we have ever created - and supple whilst offering excellent knot strength. The soft
  9. ESP Bait Drill & Needle

    - Convenient tackle box size with hi-visibility handles- Easy to use with reduced splits and breakages- Ultra fine 1mm diameter drill produces smaller, neater holes- Matching 1mm diameter needle has low

Showing 1 - 9 of 357 results