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Daiwa Infinity Freeloader Barrow

Daiwa Infinity Freeloader Barrow The Daiwa Infinity Freeloader Barrow is a high quality carp fishing barrow comes with a large pneumatic tyre which...

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Fox Camolite Barrow Bag

Perfect for use with Explorer Barrow with retaining panel on rear designed for fixing bag to Explorer Barr...

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JRC Contact Barrow

The Contact Barrow was created to solve practical difficulties. The size and complexity of dismantling a standard barrow has always been ...

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Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Fat Boy

Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Fat Boy Based on the best selling MKII Porter ...

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Trakker Access Barrow

OVERVIEW Designed to allow you to access the conveniently positioned storage compartments and efficiently “fish off the barrow&rd...

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Trakker NXG Front Barrow Bag

Designed to fit comfortably on the front of your barrow thanks to the heavy-duty slide sleeve which fits snugly ov...

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Trakker X-Trail Gravity Barrow

The X-Trail Gravity Barrow has been designed to well-balanced and with a pushing angle that makes moving heavy loa...

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