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Bite Alarms & Spares


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Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarms

The Delkim Ev Plus has been highly successful in bringing affordability to the Delkim Plus Range of electronic...

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Delkim RX Plus Pro Receiver

FREE BATTERIES INCLUDED with the Delkim RX Plus Pro Receiv...

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Delkim TX-i Plus Bite Alarms

The Delkim Tx-i Plus is the multi award winning,  flagship and biggest selling model in the Delkim Plus range of electronic bite alarms...

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Fox Black Label Snag Ears

Aside from looking the part these Snag Ears also have a very practical use in that they prevent your rod from coming ...

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Fox Micron M+ Bite Alarm Hardcase incl.

Fox Micron M Plus Bite Alarm Hardcase incl. With this amazing new technology developed for the ground-breaking N Series of alarms now at...

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Fox Micron MR+ 2 & 3 Alarm/Receiver Presentation Sets

The Mr+ is a true entry level bite alarm & receiver set, for the first time ever you can pick up a set of 2 brand new Fox alarms with a re...

£179.99 £199.99
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Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm Hardcase incl.

Fox Micron MX Plus Bite Alarm Hardcase incl. Exhibiting the classic Micron styling the new MX+ has a cone speaker for sharp, crisp sound...

£46.99 £49.99
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Fox Micron MXr+ 2 & 3 Rod Alarm Sets

Fox Micron MXR+ 2 & 3 Rod Alarm Sets are made up of Fox's fantastic MX+ bait alarms, receiver and plastic carry case...Everything...

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Fox RX+ Alarms 3 Rod Presentation Set

 Weatherproof sealed case Digital circuitry ...

£549.99 £599.99
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Gardner ATT Batteries

Batteries Available:- V2 ATTx Transmitter Batteries (Pack of 3)- ATTs Alarm Batteries (Pack of 3) ...

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Gardner ATT Snag Back

Description The new Snag Backs feature higher parallel ears to help keep the rod safely in place when fishing locked up in thick weed ...

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Gardner ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm -

Soft touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish. Built-In trans...

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Gardner ATTX V2 Receiver with Multi Coloured LEDs

There's no need to buy the full V2 ATTx System, if you have an ATTs Alarm, simply buy the V2 Receiver on it's own! Available in all 7 ...

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Gardner Leather Lock Washers

Ideal for improved ‘locking’ between buzzer bars and banksticks. We tried a number of different synthetic gas...

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JRC Radar C4 Bite Alarm

The Radar C4 offers a bite alarm with adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity functions at a price for everybody. Using the latest in ele...

£24.99 £29.99
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Sundridge Optonic Alarm & Receiver Two & Three Rod Sets

Sundridge Radio Optonic & Receiver with two or three alarms feature extended ears for improved rod positioning. It also delivers audible a...

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