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Cygnet 20/20 Banksticks

Hewn around a robust 16mm main shaft, our Banksticks feature the solid metal fittings delivered throughout the 20/...

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Cygnet 20/20 Snugs 3 Rod Buzzer Bars

Ultra-compact with your reels sitting shoulder-to-shoulder for maximum space-efficiency and good looks....

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Cygnet Sniper Banksticks

Cygnet build the Sniper Bankstick from ½ inch Aluminium tube with a solid aluminium groundspike and robust ...

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Cygnet Specialist Storm Poles

Crafted from stout aluminium tubing our Specialist Storm Poles are ideal for use as either storm poles or heavy du...

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Cygnet Specialist Tripod

3 fully adjustable legs combine via a central boss to deliver ultimate stability and versatility, extending from 3...

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Cynet Slimline Screwpoint Storm Poles

Almost identical to our slimline storm poles, our screw point versions are still light, tough and perform equally ...

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ESP Back Rests

Back Rest Back Rests designed for full Duplon or abbreviated handles ...

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Fox A Pod Plus

The Fox A Pod Plus is supplied with a pair of moulded 3 rod buzz bars and has a variable length measuring 69cm to ...

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Fox Black Label Buzz Bars 2 Rod Fixed Convert-Pair

These two rod Fixed Buzz Bars work with the Conversion Kit to transform into goal posts that will work on their ow...

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Fox Black Label Cam Lok Banksticks

The Fox Black Label Cam Lok banksticks now feature the same Cam-Lok® adjustment that has proved so popular wit...

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Fox Black Label Cam Lok Powerpoint Banksticks

The Black Label Cam Lok Powerpoint banksticks now feature the same Cam-Lok® adjustment that has proved so popu...

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Fox Black Label Stabiliser

A common problem that can occur when fishing banksticks on soft ground or loose gravel is they can spin very easil...

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Fox Black Lable Complete 3 Rod Compact Pod

Contains all the items needed to create a fully setup 3-Rod Black Label Compact Rod Pod ...

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Fox Butt Grips

Fox Butt Grips have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive stren...

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Fox Powerpoint Stormpole/Banksticks 16, 24, 36 or 48 Inch

Fox Powerpoint Stormpole/Banksticks Identical in diameter to the Fox Storm Poles, these chunky bank sticks feature a tommy bar that protrudes at ri...

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Fox Stalker Plus Pod

Fox Stalker Plus Pod  The new Stalker Pod Plus is a revamped version of the original Stalker, with reinforced joints and mouldin...

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Gardner Leather Lock Washers

Ideal for improved ‘locking’ between buzzer bars and banksticks. We tried a number of different synthetic gasket materials and O-Ring...

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Gardner Rod Rest Heads

The Front Head features a wide groove for easy line flow and good bite detection when legering. It is also suitable for float fishing.The Read Hea...

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JAG Black Adjustable Length Banksticks

Available in five different lengths the JAG Black Adjustable Banksticks are the ultimate light weight Bankstick. Featuring JAG’s unique no-...

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JAG Black Super Compact Pod Base

The JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit is a super light and fast setup design. It is not only the perfect pod, i...

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Korum Angle Tilt Sidestrike Rest

Perfect for use when quivertipping & a big hit with with river anglers this rest also features our exclusive angle...

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Korum Angle Tilt Windbeater Rest

Featuring a narrow rod groove to stop the rod being blown out, combined with a deep line groove to enable the use ...

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Korum Butt Cup

Ideal rear rod support for when the rod tip is elevated in flowing water . The " cup " design creates a very stable, adaptable and secure support ....

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Korum Extending Banksticks 30, 45 or 60cm

Korum Extending Banksticks 30, 45 or 60cm All of the models are telescopic and finished in matt black to a high standard. The shaped points make dr...

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