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Rod Support

Rod pods, buzz bars, banksticks and accessories that you would need when supporting your Carp Rods. If you can't find what you're looking for, why not ask for help? We are on hand to help you should you need us.

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  1. Cygnet 20/20 Banksticks

    Hewn around a robust 16mm main shaft, our Banksticks feature the solid metal fittings delivered throughout the 20/20 range.

  2. Cygnet 20/20 Snugs 3 Rod Buzzer Bars

    Ultra-compact with your reels sitting shoulder-to-shoulder for maximum space-efficiency and good looks.

  3. Cygnet Sniper Banksticks

    Cygnet build the Sniper Bankstick from ½ inch Aluminium tube with a solid aluminium groundspike and robust brass fittings, so they’re built to last.

  4. Cygnet Specialist Storm Poles

    Crafted from stout aluminium tubing our Specialist Storm Poles are ideal for use as either storm poles or heavy duty bank sticks.

  5. Cygnet Specialist Tripod

    3 fully adjustable legs combine via a central boss to deliver ultimate stability and versatility, extending from 30 to 58cm.

  6. Cynet Slimline Screwpoint Storm Poles

    Almost identical to our slimline storm poles, our screw point versions are still light, tough and perform equally as well as storm poles or long banksticks.

  7. ESP Back Rests

    - ESP Back Rests has a screw thread produced in a lightweight but super strong engineering polymer.- Tough rubberoid head is flexible enough to grip and hold the standard ranges of FULL DUPLON & ABBREVIATED
  8. Fox A Pod Plus

    The Fox A Pod Plus is supplied with a pair of moulded 3 rod buzz bars and has a variable length measuring 69cm to 106cm and a flexible height adjustment of 26cm to 41cm.

    Was £69.99 Now £59.99
  9. Fox Black Label Buzz Bars 2 Rod Fixed Convert-Pair

    These two rod Fixed Buzz Bars work with the Conversion Kit to transform into goal posts that will work on their own or in conjunction with the Black Label Rod Pod.


Showing 1 - 9 of 32 results