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Rod Rests & Grips


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ESP Back Rests

Back Rests designed for full Duplon or abbreviated handles ...

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ESP Mini Butt Grips

Available in three sizes, designed to fit specific types of rod butt. ...

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Fox Butt Grips

Fox Butt Grips have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength...

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Fox Edges Duo Butt Grip

New scaled down version of the original Fox Duo Grip Rear Rest ...

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Gardner Rod Rest Heads

The Front Head features a wide groove for easy line flow and good bite detection when legering. It is also suitable f...

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Korum Angle Tilt Sidestrike Rest

Perfect for use when quivertipping & a big hit with with river anglers this rest also features our exclusive angl...

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Korum Angle Tilt Windbeater Rest

Featuring a narrow rod groove to stop the rod being blown out, combined with a deep line groove to enable the use of ...

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Korum Butt Cup

Ideal rear rod support for when the rod tip is elevated in flowing water . The " cup " design creates a very stable, adaptable and secure...

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Korum Line Flow Rest

A steep-sided rest to hold rods in place against the wind, with a deep line groove so free spool mechanisms can still be used . ...

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Korum River Barbel Tripod

The ultimate River Tripod! This super stable bit of kit is made using anti-twist extrusions that provide a totally stable platform for your rods an...

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Specialist Crook Rest

Specialist Crook Rest The Specialist Crook Rest is made from a non-slip polymer with one side raised highe...

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Specialist Wing Rest

Specialist Wing Rest The traditional shape of the Specialist Wing Rest has been tried and tested by angler...

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