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Bait Containers & Cutters


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Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches

Brass Head Bread Punches This extensive range effectively covers everything from delicate roach fishing, using hoo...

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Guru Bait Box

The boxes are available in three sizes – 3.3 pints, 2.2 pints and one pint ...

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Guru Bait Strainers

  Bait preparation and storage aid · Perfect for all baits that require drainage or storage in water ...

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Guru Fusion EVA Storage System

The new Guru Fusion range is the perfect storage system for your terminal tackle and bait, and the six products in the range will cover most of you...

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Guru Punch Box

Offering an integrated bait storage and protection system with four sizes of Push Punch, it’s the perfect solution to the problem of keeping ...

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MAP Meat Cutter

Arguably the best Meat Cutter on the market. This unique meat cutter enables different sizes of meat to be cubed in seconds, due to interchangeable...

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MAP Meat Cutter Spare Blade Sets

The spare blade sets are now available in six sizes (4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm and 10mm). Supplied complete with plunger head. ...

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Preston Innovations Bait Tub

These excellent Bait Tubs have internal measuring marks for accurate bait volume checking and work well individually or as a modular unit wit...

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Preston Innovations Competition Groundbait Bowls

Three NEW bowls in the Competiion Pro range. Hard wearing wipe clean bait bowls suitable for ...

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Preston Innovations EVA Bowl and Hoop

A waterproof EVA groundbait bowl with a rigid hoop, for attaching directly to seatbox o...

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Preston Innovations Groundbait Bowl & Hoop - Small

Preston Innovations Groundbait Bowl & Hoop - Small  plastic groundbait bowl with a rigid hoop fitted for ...

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Preston Innovations Pellet Wetter

The Monster Pellet Wetter allows you to regulate the time pellets are soaked for, creating perfect fe...

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