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Drennan Super Specialist Landing Net Head

Sizes 51cm/20" & 56cm/22" Alloy sprea...

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Drennan Acolyte 4.0m Landing Net Pole

4m long Manufactured from high modulus ca...

£115.99 £129.00
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Drennan Acolyte Carp Net Handle 3.6m

Acolyte Carp 3.6m The Acolyte Carp 3.6m two section take apart net handle is...

£79.99 £89.99
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Drennan Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Net

Acolyte Landing Nets Acolyte Hook Resistant Landing Nets featu...

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Drennan Match Landing Net - 16in & 20in

Match Landing Nets have a hollow D section alloy frame which is both lightweight and rigid. ...

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Drennan Red Range X-Strong 2.4m Landing Net Pole

Red Range X-Strong Landing Net Pole Two-piece, 2.4m telescopic model, which ...

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Drennan Rigidex 2.6m Landing Net Handle

Rigidex 2.6m This high mod­ulus ‘no flex’ 2.6m take-apart la...

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Drennan Specialist Landing Net Heads

The alloy spreader block has a crossbar to add strength and provide a convenient handle for lifting bigger ...

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Drennan Speedex Landing Net

Speedex Landing Nets A stylish range of landing nets that have been designed...

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Drennan Super Specialist Compact Twistlock Handle

Manufactured from high modulus carbon Extra rigid S...

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Drennan Super Specialist Twistlock 3m Landing Net Handle

The Drennan Super Specialist 3m Twistlock is the perfect landing net handle for the specialist angl...

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Drennan Vertex Take Apart Landing Net Handle 3.5m

The Vertex 3.5m three section take apart net handle is exceptionally rigid and is designed for general use but will e...

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Drennan Vertex Telescopic Landing Net Handle 3m

The Vertex 3m telescopic net handle is ultra rigid and provides positive control when manoeuvring the net chasing fas...

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Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle XT

A no nonsense extending pole made for the demanding big fish specialist for fishing off high river banks or la...

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Leeda Concept GT 2.8m Power Tele. Net Handle

A super strong two piece telescopic handle ideal for use on commercials or the all-round angler it also has a quality pinnned brass screw thread en...

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Leeda Concept GT 3.0m Take Apart Net Handle

This great value 3mtr handle is super strong and has 3 take apart sections making it versitile and suitable for the all round angler it also sports...

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Preston Innovations Hair Net II

Manufactured with a strong square profile frame with the mesh attached to the inside of the frame making it neater and easier to pass through the w...

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Preston Innovations Match Landing Nets

The Match Landing Nets are extremely versatile, they're a fantastic all-round landing net that is sui...

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Preston Innovations Quick Dry Keepnet

Manufactured from a mesh that holds much less water than other mesh nets which enables them to dry out much quicker after use. Also very useful on flo...

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Preston Innovations Quick Dry Landing Net

Manufactured from a strong square profile frame, the Quick Dry Landing net is attached on the inside of the frame mak...

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Preston Innovations Space Saver Keepnet

With anglers catching more and more fish on commercial fisheries these days carrying and using extra keepnets has caused various headaches. Not any mo...

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