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A selection of accessories to assist you on your Fly Fishing Trips. There are items to help make your Fly Lines sink, Items to help your Fly LInes float or solutions to keep you Fly LIne in top condition. For advise on any of there items please contact us.

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  1. Airflo Whizz Lube

    This clever flip top system incorporates the applicator into the bottle cap, making it quick and easy for you to apply a your flyline even out on the water. Inside the bottle you will find a blend of lubricant
  2. Daiwa Pro Clip on Flip up Lenses Amber/Grey

    Daiwa Pro Clip on Flip up Sunglasses Lenses will attach easily to your existing glasses and are available in either grey or amber
  3. Gardner Rig Glue Pen

    New style high volume rig glue pen – perfect for a wide range of rig applications and tackle repairs. Gardner rig glue is ideal for attaching small baits, cork or foam to hook shanks, etc. Also useful
  4. Gherkes Gink Fly Float

    Will not cake hackles Easy to apply Top seller
  5. Gherkes Xink Fly Sink

    The sinking version of the Gink Use to sink flies or leaders to present the fly at the depth the fish are feeding
  6. Hardy Combo Tool

    Quality, heat-treated stainless steel Combines knot tier tip, line snips, hook eye cleaner and hook sharpener in one sturdy package A high quality, heat-treated stainless steel tool that combines a
  7. Hardy Grip 'n' Snip

    420c grade stainless steel Combination scissor pliers Hook-eye cleaning point Lockable Satin finish handles Size: 4 inch / Weight: 28g Part of every Anglers tackle box, fishing tools are essential
  8. Hardy Lockable Forceps

    420c grade stainless steelCombination jawsHook-eye cleaning pointSize - 5"Satin finish handlesLockable Part of every Anglers tackle box, fishing tools are essential pieces of equipment. Strong, reliable
  9. Hardy Scissor Pliers - Long

    Strong,relaible and rust proof, the Hardy Scissor Pliers will work when required every time

Showing 1 - 9 of 39 results