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Boat Fishing Products

Products found here are designed for use while Fly Fishing from the boat. We have got Boat Seats and Drogues to assist you while boat fishing. For help or information please contact us.

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  1. Airflo Boat Cushion

    A great value option for every boat angler. The Airflo Boat Cushion provides superb comfort all day long. Can be added too existing boat seats for extra height and comfort.
  2. Airflo TLD Elite Boat Seat

    Airflo TLD Elite Boat Seat updates the rachet strap system to a much easier to use and more solid clamp. This rotary seat will secure to any boats cross-beam and folds down for easy transportation.
  3. Airflo TLD Elite Clamp Upgrade

    Airflo TLD Elite Clamp is available as a stand alone item, allowing you to upgrade your existing Airflo TLD Standard Boat Seat
  4. Wychwood Competition Drogue & Clamps

    Complete with 3 inch clamps, the Wychwood Competition drogue can be used to direct the boat on a drift, whilst considerably slowing down the drift in high wind situations increasing your fishing time in
  5. Wychwood International Para Drogue

    The new International para-drogue increases fishing capability from the boat to international fishing competition standards, by considerably slowing down your drift in high wind situations, increasing

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results