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Fly Tying Materials & Storage


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Daiwa Bitz Boxes

Available in four different sizes, use these boxes for storing anything & everything. Lures, materials & tools, rig winders, floats and ter...

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Daiwa Tournament Feeder Case 24C

TOURNAMENT FEEDER CASE The tough two layered compartment case is partitioned to allow custom design of the internal layout, creating up t...

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Veniard BT Dubbing Wax - Tacky

Formulated by Al Beaty. Tacky Dubbing Wax for size 12 and smaller ...

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Veniard Bug Bond Multi Tip Kit

BUG-BOND Tip-Kit: although each bottle of BUG-BOND comes with a general purpose tip, many fly tyers like to have the benefit of precise a...

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Veniard Bug Bond Original

BUG-BOND™ Original: with the viscosity of a “runny honey†Original is the “go ...

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Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit

Enough materials for 1000’s of flies....This new kit addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of material...

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Veniard Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

Still produced to the same receipe. Simply brilliant.Used for dubbing or to stop materials slipping when tying. As used by Davie McPhail ...

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Veniard Waddington Shanks - Size 6 15mm

Pack of 25Originally designed as a way to tie big salmon flies with a small treble. Now widely used with single hooks. Slightly tempered for extra ...

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