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Seatbox Accessories

Items in this Seatbox Accessories section include item that can be used on or in conjunction with your seat box. Items include things like: Rod Rests, Pole Socks, Accessory Bars and much more. For any extra information please contact us via Email or Telephone.

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  1. Deluxe Butt Rest Arm

    Perfect for the precision location of your rod butt when feeder fishing

  2. Drennan Canal Waiter Blue

    Drennan Canal Waiter Blue This Drennan canal waiter can be fitted to any standard bankstick. It will accept 3 x 1.1pt Drennan bait boxes and also has 2 side compartments for 'bits and pieces'.
  3. Guru Reaper Feeder Rest

    The ultimate rod retaining system

  4. Guru Reaper Rear Rest

    The ultimate rod retaining system

  5. Korum Angle Tilt Sidestrike Rest

    Perfect for use when quivertipping & a big hit with with river anglers this rest also features our exclusive angle tilt mechanism and a deep line groove.

  6. Korum Angle Tilt Windbeater Rest

    Featuring a narrow rod groove to stop the rod being blown out, combined with a deep line groove to enable the use of free spool systems and our exclusive angle tilt

  7. Korum Butt Cup

    Ideal for fishing with rods held high to keep line off the water.
  8. Korum Line Flow Rest

    Steep-sided to hold rods against the wind, with a deep line groove so free spool mechanisms can still be used
  9. Korum Telescopic Feeder Arm

    New slimmer and lighter design, perfect for the modern coarse angler. Fits directly to an Accessory chair or seatbox to provide an arm for feeder fishing. Threaded end allows you to add your favourite

Showing 1 - 9 of 61 results