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Dropshot Accessories

Dropshot Accessories, everything you need for Dropshot Fishing. Dropshot Weights, Fluorocarbon Line, Dropshot Hooks are just some of the many items in this sections. If you need any assistance with Dropshot Fishing please contact us.

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  1. E-SOX Dropshot Bomb Weights

    The bulbous shape also helps with casting accuracy while the camo coating helps them to blend into the bottom. Your line simply locks into the special swivel, without the need for knots, so you can

  2. E-SOX Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader

    As it is made from 100% fluorocarbon it has a very similar refractive index to water, making it almost invisible and therefore much harder for a fish to detect. Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader

  3. E-SOX Dropshot Hooks

    DRENNAN E-SOX DROPSHOT HOOKSThese micro-barbed hooks are produced from super high carbon steel with the perfect wire gauge to help present soft lures and worms for predatory species. Dropshot Hooks have
  4. Fox Rage Micro Jig Heads

    Micro Jig Heads

    Perfectly round Jig heads, ideal for casting, jigging and vertical fishing. With the exception of the Micro Jig for ultra light fishing with mini shads all jig heads are fitted

  5. Korum Snapper Dropshot Kits

    All the end tackle you need for Dropshotting in one easy package. Three fast-action rubber fish in the most attractive colours, three spin-style Dropshot hooks and a 5g and 10g weight. Tie


Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results