Traces & Trace Making

Traces & Trace Making

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  1. Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire

    Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire is a woven 7 strand stainless wire with a dark bronze finish.The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Supplied on a 15m spool.7 Stand is ideal for the twisted
  2. Drennan Soft Strand Pike Wire

    Drennan Soft Strand Pike Wire is an extra tough, reliable trace wire.Micro filaments of stainless steel woven into an extra strong and ultra fine braid. It is so supple you can knot it! Supplied on
  3. E-SOX Bait Trace Semi Barbed

    DRENNAN E-SOX BAIT TRACE SEMI BARBED;Each trace is 46cm (18in) long and made from strong and reliable nylon-coated 34lb (15kg) Super Trace wire with Extra Strong Trebles. Each trace is finished off neatly
  4. E-SOX Crimp Sleeves

    DRENNAN E-SOX PIKE TRACE CRIMP/TREBLE HOOK/SWIVEL SLEEVES E-Sox Crimp Sleeves are hardwearing yet flexible and designed to cover the eyes of hooks, swivels and crimps to create a streamlined and neat
  5. E-SOX Extra Strong Semi Barbed Pike Trebles

    DRENNAN E-SOX EXTRA STRONG SEMI BARBED PIKE TREBLESThey have a slimline eye gunmetal metallic finish with ultra-sharp, chemically etched semi barbed needle points and are excpetionally strong and reliable.Sizes
  6. E-SOX Lure Trace

    DRENNAN E-SOX LURE/SPIN TRACEE-Sox Lure Traces are ideal for plugs, lures and large jigs. This 30cm trace is constructed from 34lb (15.4kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super Trace Wire. It terminates at the upper
  7. E-SOX Spin Trace

    DRENNAN E-SOX SPIN/LURE TRACEWith an easy-to-use swivel snap link, this trace is ideal for spinners, small spoons and also for smaller plugs and jigs. Produced in 28lb (12.7kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super
  8. E-SOX Super Trace Pike Wire

    DRENNAN E-SOX SUPER TRACE PIKE WIREThis Pike trace wire consists of our stainless steel Super 7 wire with a translucent brown nylon coating. The core is woven from seven strands of ultra fine, stainless
  9. Fox Rage Crimping Pliers

    Good connections are essential for all rigs. It doesn’t matter if you use steel, kevlar, mono or fluorocarbon - the fish is lost if your rig breaks. For this reason predator experts always crimp their

Showing 1 - 9 of 21 results