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  1. Abu Pike Spoon 40g

    The Abu Pike Spoon is an old tried and tested pike expert. The double-arched gives a heavy, swinging movement which salmon also find hard to resist. The  different colours can be used for different light
  2. Abu Toby Lure Silver

    AbuTobyThe Toby lure has been around 1956 and has been one of the best selling lures in the world. It was so successful and attractive, that for a long time it was a part of the ABU logotype. Today the
  3. Abu Toby Magnum Silver 60g

    We took a classic Toby and made it larger, so here you have the perfect salmon trolling lure in the perfect trolling colours. Thanks to it's size it's well suited also for pike fishing.
  4. E-SOX Busker

    DRENNAN E-SOX BUSKERThe E-Sox Busker When combined with a standard wire trace, becomes an ultra slow sinking lure.This pattern has produced some savage takes from predators such as pike,perch and big trout.This
  5. E-SOX Jell-Ignite Soft Shads

    DRENNAN E-SOX JELL-IGNITE SOFT SHADSE-Sox Jell-Ignite Soft Shad lures have a flexible tail section that provides almost constant movement. This is highly attractive to predators, especially pike and perch.The
  6. E-SOX Pug

    DRENNAN E-SOX PUG This is a hard body floating pike plug that is also effective as a perch lure,it will dive and work down to depths of 1m on the retrieve but is most impressive when fished sub-surface
  7. E-SOX Wag

    DRENNAN E-SOX WAGThe Wag is a 13g floating lure and a jointed version of the popular E-Sox Pug. The jointed body produces an enticing wiggle action which, combined with its internal rattle, can prove irresistible
  8. E-SOX Zagtail

    DRENNAN E-SOX ZAGTAIL The E-Sox Zagtail is a large, floating, jointed lure which can be fished from sub-surface down to 2 metresThe jointed body is 13cm in length and weighs in at 43grms making good
  9. E-SOX Zombie

    DRENNAN E-SOX ZOMBIEThe E-Sox Zombie with its replica silver fish shape and holographic scale finish really grabs the attention of predators. A 13cm, streamlined body and 45g weight make it an excellent

Showing 1 - 9 of 68 results