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Terminal Tackle

A selection of Terminal Tackle for use while Sea Fishing. Whether you're Boat Fishing or Shore Fishing we have a vast range of Terminal Tackle to help you catch fish. For help and advice please contact us on:

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  1. Breakaway Cascade Swivels

    The most popular and sure method for making cascade rigs. Strong and easy to use just lock into position with teardrop bead and crimp. Its a good idea to nip the swivel eyr a little to make sure it doesnt
  2. Breakaway Impact Shield

    The Breakaway Impact shields are one of the biggest advances in trace technology. Its a neat foolproof system which ensures almost 100% certainty of clean release. no more wondering whether the hook on
  3. Breakaway IMPS

    The Imp is a clever little devil, and thats just what it is, a small neat bait clip that fits into the fast link and can be added or removed from rigs during fishing. All Imps come with a Fast link as
  4. Breakaway Relay Clips

    Relay clips where the beginning of the modern cascade rigs as now used in most trace designs an original idea by Nigel Forrest, These are still used in large numbers by rig makers as intermediate bait
  5. Breakaway Spinlink Clips

    Spinlinks are a smaller version of the fastlink but because of the special heatreated stainless these small clips are exceptionally strong ideal for lures and light sea or Carp leads but also used on
  6. Sakuma Bait Elastic

    The light elastic can be used for binding soft baits like crab and shellfish whereas the heavy elastic is best used for binding bigger baits. Helps to keep hook points clear for better presentation. Can

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results